Job Hunting Tips for Freshers

“Tell me how can I become experienced if you aren’t giving me my first job?”

You may struggle a bit initially when you are a fresher in the job market. However, there are plenty of jobs at one end, but to bridge the gap, you have to make smart moves. Here are some quick tips.

Get noticed - Take measures to get the potential employers know about your existence.

  • Post your well-prepared CV in as much job portals as possible
  • Create professional profile in LinkedIn and other similar portals.

Do networking – Majority of the job aspirants come to know about job opportunities from others they know rather than advertisements.

  • Ensure that people around you are aware that you are searching for jobs.
  • Give all a brief idea about your profile and what jobs you are looking for.

Target employers – Search for companies which you think will make a good employer to you.

  • Try to connect with them through social media platforms and job forums.
  • Keep a track of the opportunities there.

Don’t be a Generic Job seeker – To land on a job, you may have to specify your niche.

  • You may not be able to apply against IT job postings for PHP Developers or Software Testers on just being a BTech / MCA / Diploma fresher.
  • So, it is advisable for you to gain knowledge in any such specialized fields to be ‘employable’, add it to your resume, and confidently apply for corresponding jobs.

Be positive – Even the top CEO’s have shared their experiences of getting knock-backs at early stages of their job hunt. You also may experience the same, but don’t take it personally.

  • Ask if you have a chance about what went wrong with your attempt.
  • Evaluate the failure factors and learn from it.

Believe me, jobs are there in plenty. Be smart, be positive, and try effectively; you will surely land at your right job, ALL THE BEST ! !