What is the reality behind 100 percentage placement assurance offered by institutes?

You may have come across plenty of IT training ads offering 100% placement guarantee on taking training. “Learn Java with 100% job assurance.” “Learn web designing and get placed with 15,000 salary” etc. Do you believe it is real? Do these training institutes have 100% placement track record? The answer is a big “NO”.

100% placement assurance is simply a marketing jargon used by the so-called training institutes just to lure their potential preys. You may be also seeing ads like 100% assurance of growing hair on baldhead, 100% cure for cancer without surgery or chemotherapy etc. We are very much aware that these are traps to grab the pockets of the needy. However, when it comes being career building and being desperate about getting a job, we still tend to fall prey to false promises in high hopes.

The real fact is that no one can assure you 100% placement without screening and ensuring your employability. Simply paying the training fee to any random training institutes for a course does not ensure your employability in the industry. It is a bit of common sense to be applied as; do these training institutes have that much employment opportunities to accommodate 1000s of the trainees. Do they have a production unit, do they run a company, or at least do they have any industry association to place students?

What they do?

In real scenario, for many local training institutes, placement assurance is simply a jargon and they usually keep quiet about it once its over. A few branded training centers take some initiative to try and place their candidates like once the training program is over, they will try to contact IT companies or will do a search on the internet job sites to find job openings and prompt their students to send applications for jobs. Few institutions conduct job fairs too.

But, the chances of the above are the same as you directly apply for the job through a portal or attend a job fair. Of course, there is a chance with some training institutes themselves offering job opportunities to students as trainers in the same institute, but this cannot be considered as a promising career opportunity. For the rest, once the fee is completed, the deal is mostly over.

Be Mindful - One major problem noticed with the 100% placement assurance institutions is that the quality of training they offer is miserable. Training is just a profit-making business for them rather than a social responsibility. For those who are trying to learn a technology and build a career, you will not be even able to understand the poor quality of training without knowing what the real industry is and end up being nowhere.

It is not only that you are not getting placed, you are not even made employable with such a namesake learning. Joining for a skill-development IT training is not an extension to your academic course, but it is a tactical move which decides your employability and makes you fit for the actual industry. So, Avoid the Misleading Marketing Jargons Aimed to Lure You, and Be Mindful to Choose the Best for your Future.

What you should do?

You may have completed your BTech, BE, MCA, BCA, BSc, MSc, Diploma, Graduation or other academic programs, and now to fit into the industry what you need is experience. You should be having a good understanding about the need of the industry, updated technologies, and what expertise you should possess to get your candidature in demand. For this, you have to do an industry-associated training rather than compromising for a curriculum based institutional training.

You have to search for an opportunity to learn and work in a real-time industrial environment rather than taking a classroom training from just a training institution. You shouldn’t fall prey to 100% placement assurance, but you have to enter into something, which ensures your 100% employability.


STEPS is the first industry-associated IT Training Program in Kerala, offering real-time industry-associated IT Training. STEPS do not put forth any marketing jargons as placement assurance or big-salaried jobs. Instead by understanding the industry requirement, STEPS designed career-oriented modules to make the candidates 100% employable.

STEPS is having live industry-association with a large number of IT companies who have queued up to recruit STEPS trainees. The training is handled by highly experienced working professionals and all training programs are conducted at a real-time IT park infrastructure. First make yourself confident about your knowledge and skills gained and make your potential employer feel it is the key to success…

IT Training programs on offer by STEPS are;

PHP, Java, .Net, Perl, Android, iOS (iPhone), Web Designing

Search Engine Optimization,  Software Testing,


Windows Server Administration On-the-Job Training,

Linux Server Administration On-the-Job Training.