STEPS Kochi Introducing BYOD concept in .Net Academic Project

STEPS is introducing BYOD Concept in our Academic Project Guidance, which is a trending change in the IT Industry lately.

What is BYOD?

BYOD or otherwise Bring your own device, also termed as Bring your Own Technology (BYOT)  is a corporate policy allowing the employees / IT professionals to bring their personal  mobile devices (laptops, smart phones, or tablets) for work and to use them to get connected to the privileged company network, access company applications, and transfer data. Now, this term is also widely being used to describe the practice of students to use their personal gadgets in educational settings.

As far as global IT Industry is concerned, BYOD is creating significant inroads in corporate world, and now about 75% of the workforce in the high-growth markets and more than 44% in the developed markets already making use of their own technology at work. Researches have proved that the BYOD concept possesses greater advantages in terms of increased productivity, increased job satisfaction, and also cost savings for the organizations.

  • The enhanced productivity comes from the employee being more comfortable and friendly with their personal device, which makes the handling and navigation of the device easier at work. Also, the personal devices are noted to be more cutting edge and advanced when compared to the company technology, which takes time to get refreshed.
  • The job satisfaction / employee satisfaction comes from allowing the workers to use their own device, which they have custom chosen for work, rather than using one chosen by the IT team. It also let them carry a unique device rather than carrying one for work and one for personal use.
  • Cost saving is huge advantage on the company side as the organization need not facilitate the employee with a device; however this is not guaranteed. The companies also get highly benefited as BYOD increased employee efficiency and of course more productivity as the employee carried the device at work and at home, day and night.

What STEPS Does?

STEPS has not introduced the BYOD concept in our .NET Academic Project guidance, which will allow the students to bring in their personal laptops, and get connected (limited access) to the privileged company network. With all their wok updated in their own machine, unlike using a company machine, the students can have access to their data 24x7, which will help them to work more / practice at home and enrich their output.

It is also very beneficial for the project students to share their work with others (teachers / guides) and get timely suggestions and correction if any in order to save a lot of time and effort, rather than identifying the flaws after completion of the work. By getting an in-depth understanding of BYOD and WAH (Work-at-home) concept, as future IT career aspirants, the students are getting a step advanced towards their goal of being an industry-fit professional by the end of their course.

As of now, STEPS is introducing BYOD in .Net projects, which will later put into practice with Academic Projects on other platform too on a long run.

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