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Academic Projects are stepping stones to one's career. If you are looking forward to get some real-time exposure to IT industry and do some useful projects to help you learn the most advanced industry-relevant technologies, come to us.


Are you planning for academic projects? For the students who are taking their engineering graduation or other technological studies, academic projects are the most important aspect in their curriculum. Unlike the classroom lecturers, the actual objective of projects is to gain a good learning-by-doing practical exposure.

For Engineering Degree / Diploma, there are two projects to be done as minor and major. Minor projects are meant for getting just a baseline idea, so most of the students tend to do it themselves. But on the other hand, Major Projects (final sem projects) must be taken very seriously to be accomplished as a real project administration. As it is difficult for a student to do this task independently, universities allow you to do it in project groups with the support of a guidance center.

How to do Projects?

As rightly said, projects are the stepping stones for getting a good understanding about how professionals function in the real industrial environment. So, the first avenue for you to check out is whether there is a chance to do your project in a real industrial firm. Even if there is no chance to get a complete live experience, at least getting an exposure to industry can help in big way for molding the professional in you. Unfortunately, the current scenario is that students tend to approach the project guidance centers run by the training institutes and take up readymade projects.

STEPS Approach

With an objective of taking a more comprehensive approach to academic project guidance, STEPS is offering projects on different platforms, which students can choose from. STEPS provides this limited opportunity in association with Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which is the first private sector IT park of Kerala.

Project Highlights

We offer Software Projects in Java, Perl and PHP. The Projects are chosen in such a way to be in line with the needs of the changing business world, making use of the technological advancements. Some major areas are;

  • Payment gateway Integration
  • Shipping label integration services with carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS
  • Paypal integration services
  • Credit Card integration services
  • Mirth HL7 integration services.
  • Integration of various Electronic Health Record modules
  • IEEE projects
  • Asterisk Solutions
  • Enterprise mailing solutions using Qmail
  • Vicidial Solutions for Call Centers
  • Webhosting Control panel solutions
  • Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Mobile Development in iOS and Android
  • Pilot projects in Cloud Computing (to get hands on experience in Openstack, the opensource cloud platform, Microsoft Hyper-V and Windows Azure)

Rather than providing “Name-Sake” projects to meet the purpose of just doing a project, Spectrum is trying to offer an opportunity to students in order to learn something useful, which you may again need to use in future at your actual jobs. What students get through their project sessions here is;

  • An opportunity to interact with experienced professionals working on live projects.
  • Getting exposure to real-world applications.
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of the complete Software Development Lifecycle including Requirement Analysis, Design and Development, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance of software.
  • All projects with set standards and guidelines to be followed in a real professional manner.
  • Spectrum is providing top priority in adhering to standards like the PCI and DS2 standards etc.
  • Linux and Windows-based projects like Enterprise mailing solutions using Qmail, FAX service integrations, Vicidial Solutions for Call Centers, Webhosting Control panel solutions, Disaster Recovery solutions etc.

Work from Home Advantage

The IT industry is fast adopting to the remote administration working model, which allows the developers to work from anywhere in the world without the constraint of geographical boundaries. With an objective of setting the future professionals accustomed to this model, Spectrum is providing you the opportunity to complete the projects from your home, utilizing your own resources available. We have implemented all the resources for state-of-the-art remote project management and to provide support. STEPS is all set to provide you a brand new experience in academic project accomplishment. To make use of this unique opportunity, contact us:

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