IPv6 workshop in kochi



Foreseeing the next big technological advancement in the IT industry, STEPS is taking an initiative to prepare the future-gen professionals to be IPv6 ready. We run this campaign it in association with Spectrum, the IPv6 Task Force Member of Department of Telecommunication


Spectrum Softtech Solutions, being an IPv6 Task Force Member of and DOT (Department of Telecommunication) India and a Local Internet Registrar, is taking a voluntary initiative to run an "IPv6 Awareness Campaign". As the first step of the process, we are now conducting a FREE SEMINAR to the college students and technology enthusiasts.

What is IPv6?

You are aware of the 32-bit IPv4 addresses, right? Know that now the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) pool of 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses has already been exhausted. This prompted the need for a new protocol, which is now being introduced as IPv6.

IPv6 standard is soon going to completely replace the IPv4 protocol for internet communications. This move is going to rule out the scarcity of IP addresses with the capability of offering more than "340 trillion trillion trillion" IP addresses. The introduction of IPv6 will make huge changes in the way we live. Imagine all the embedded systems including each of the home appliances will be getting a separate IPv6 address and can be managed on-the-go from anywhere anytime. Not just in case of the home appliances, IPv6 will create a myriad of new possibilities in every single sectors.

Ready or not, you're going to need to use IPv6 on your college intranet and to connect to the Internet for years to come.Since IPv4 addresses are not directly interoperable with IPv6 addresses a migration is iminent. IPv6 is the most impending and mandatory change, which is going to be the future of internet communication. As it soon going to take place, everyone needs to be in a hurry to be fully prepared for this migration.

By understanding this imminent need, the IPv6 Awareness Campaign of Spectrum is designed in such a way to help understanding IPv6 in a comprehensive manner. It is also going to be a golden opportunity for the students to come up with their innovative ideas and we can also extend our support to them in terms of getting it realized.

The Coordinators / Principals of colleges can also feel free to get back to us if you would like to conduct IPv6 seminars at your college.