VMware ESXi training in kochi

VMware ESXi

Vmware ESXi is a hypervisor developed by Vmware, Inc. for deploying and managing virtual machines. ESXi stands for Elastic Sky X integrated. It is a bare-metal hypervisor that runs directly on system hardware without the need for an operating system (OS). A hypervisor allows the host server to support multiple guest Virtual Machines (VM) by sharing its resources including memory, storage and processing capacity. It runs on its own kernel and do not need an OS to assist its operation. Virtual Machines with its own individual OS can be created on top of ESXi.

ESXi has direct control over the hardware and system resources and manages the resources for the Virtual Machines. ESXi is a highly efficient hypervisor and has a small footprint area which makes it more reliable because of the lesser attack area. It is known for its reliability, simplicity and robustness.


  • Efficient management and utilization of server resources.
  • Hardware resources can be customized for each VM.
  • Add ,Remove or Edit Virtual Machines without disrupting other VMs and the Host server.
  • VMs are independent of each other and are immune to each others failures.
  • VMs are independent of the host hardware and can be moved between servers.
  • Eliminates the need of multiple physical servers and thus reduces energy costs.
  • Less hardware to maintain and less infrastructure to manage.
  • User friendly and easy to maintain.