Industry Association

As the subsidiary wing of the first private sector IT park in Kerala, STEPS is functioning in close association with many IT companies of all scales. A large number of STEPS trainees are successfully placed in these associate companies.

Industry Association

STEPS is introducing a unique and innovative concept in IT Training arena of Industry Association. The actual need for any student completing his or her academic course is to get a good job in their field of study and build up a good career. But, in the highly competitive IT environment of today, it becomes difficult for them to secure a job matching to their interests and skills. There are two major reasons contributing to this troublesome situation.

The first reason is that the IT boom happened after the Y2K concern had attracted more number of students to take specialization in IT while choosing their academic course. This lately ended up in a huge number of job applicants being released to the job market towards the end of each academic year and most of them failing to secure a good job. The second reason is that most of the top-rated IT companies prefer to employ experienced or skilled IT professionals as a part of cost reduction to cut short their budget for training and development. This made it very difficult for fresh students to find an opportunity.

Alternate Options for a Fresher

It now becomes essential for the IT aspirants, especially the fresher graduates to take and extra step in order to overcome this challenge and kick-start their career. To achieve this goal, education consultants and IT gurus suggest the option of finishing school IT training or an IT specialization training to be undergone by the fresher. What noted as the drawback of academic courses is that it provides the basic knowledge about a myriad of topics, but no in-depth knowledge or application skills about any particular IT technologies.

A professional technical graduate after receiving a course completion certificate can apply only for general fresher level openings now. They cannot apply for or usually get rejected for specific IT positions like that of a Java Developer, Software Tester, Network or System Administrator etc. Here comes the importance of taking an IT specialization training for you to become a knowledgeable, skilled, and moreover hands-on experienced IT professional. After gaining such an expertise, you can add this to your profile in order to get through the first hurdle of resume screening and receiving an interview call. Then if you can prove your technical knowledge and skill during the interview and technical screening, it can make your dream come true to secure a dignified IT job.

However, you need to be very careful and judicious while making such a move. The major mistake many students make while searching for IT training is that they tend to fall in for the colorful advertisements or irresistible offers by the institutes. But, if the quality of training you receive is of substandard, it will help you in no way to increase the profile value as an IT career aspirant. Conventionally, most of the training institutes follow the method of classroom training just as an extension of the academics. Students do not get any practical exposure to know how the IT industry is functioning and what are the requirements and challenges to be met at a real-time working environment. There is no point in just learning programming theoretically and get a certification. Similarly, it is of no use if you learn technical administration by use of simulators. It is more like learning the theory of “how to ride a bicycle” and writing the certification test, without even seeing a bicycle.

The Difference STEPS Makes with Industry Association

This troublesome situation in the IT training scenario prompted STEPS to bring in the concept of Industry Association in IT training. Industry Association offers STEPS trainees to get real-time exposure to the IT industry and witness how IT Development and Technical Administration processes are happening. The students get trained by working professionals and IT managers with years of experience on the latest IT technologies. They also get an opportunity to be a part of the real-time projects, which can add on to their experience and expertise.

STEPS is offering IT training programs in functional environment of an IT park with the supervision of top-notch IT professionals . Through the different STEPS training programs like Java / PHP / Android / iOS development or Windows / Linux Server Administration etc., each trainees gain the needed knowledge, practical experience, and expertise to become confident and fit to start working in the IT industry. STEPS is maintaining a multi-legged approach in Industry Association that on one end the students get an opportunity to learn in the industry environment and on the other they are being also supported to secure a good job in the IT industry at many of the STEPS associates.

STEPS is the first center to offer Industry Associated IT Training in Kerala.

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