iOS workshop in Kochi



Get an introduction to this mighty operating system through this free workshop, which may pave way to a successful career for you. The program is designed to give basic understanding about iPhone and iOS development.


A 'STEPS INDUSTRY-INSTITUTION RELATIONS PROGRAM' Initiative IPhone - iOS Application Development

Things have changed largely with the introduction of smart phones into our lives. From shopping to entertainment or healthcare, we can do merely anything with the use of smart phone applications now. If you are an IT career aspirant, then know that Mobile Application Development is the most demanding career of the current times and it is showing an incremental growth of nearly 150% every year.

Mobile application development has exploded further with the success of iPhone across the globe. The iOS ecosystem has now made it easier for developers to make their apps available directly to the general public. For those who are planning to step into iPhone development, it is essential to have a basic understanding of this platform and the technical know-how about the basics.

As a part of the CSR initiative of Spectrum Softtech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which is the private sector IT park of Kerala, STEPS is now offering a FREE Workshop to college students and fresh IT career aspirants on iOS Development. This mini course will give you an overview of the evolution of smartphones, origin of iOS development and iPhone, basics about getting started as a developer, how to become an entrepreneur, the scope of distribution of Apps through App store etc.

Program Overview

Session I
  • The Evolution of Smartphones - a little bit of History
  • Importance of Smartphones in today's scenario
  • The iPhone introduction - again a little bit of history
  • Origin of iOS Development
  • iPhone/iOS versions
  • Introduction of Appstore and its growth
Session II
  • Apple Developer Program
  • Getting started as a developer
  • Overview of programming for iOS devices
  • How to become an apple developer
  • Various iOS devices and iOS Apps
  • iOS Device specifications
  • Development language and its specialities
Session III
  • Appstore Basics
    • Submission to Appstore
    • App review guidelines from Apple
    • Get paid through your apps
    • How to earn money while studying
    • How to get experience before a job