Flutter Training Kochi

Best Flutter Training in Kochi


STEPS Flutter Training is perfect to make the development time even quicker and expand the skills to multi-platforms. It gives you an advantage when recruiting, since many software companies are moving their front end tech stack to Flutter these days. This Flutter training course starts with basic Dart programming principles and moves up to full-fledged mobile app creation for both Android and IOS. Via STEPS Flutter training, we will learn about the end-to-end and deployment of app.

By the end of the training, each applicant will build a developer account and have at least one app published in the App Store in their name that provides a strong basis for establishing themselves as a Flutter developer.


  • Developing Cross platform application using Dart
  • Learn Core Dart
  • Well rounded, industry relevant curriculum and practices.
  • Training conducted by established app developers.
  • Project includes design, development and deployment of app
  • Possibility to work on current live projects in the company based on performance.


  • Software Engineer-Flutter
  • Flutter Developer
  • Mobile Applications Developer