Laravel training in kochi


Laravel is a free, open-source PHP framework created by Taylor Otwell and is intended for the development of web applications following the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern which separates code logics from HTML. It has expressive and elegant syntax. Tasks that usually take hours and hundreds of lines of code to write, can be easily developed with Laravel framework. It is a strong PHP framework. It makes the best use of HTML and builds the efficient websites and applications. Laravel eliminates the use of complex code. It abstracts complex functionalities by providing easy to implement functions and methods to do the work for you. It is built using best practices recommended by most experienced developers keeping security in mind.

Features Of Laravel :

  • Elegant Syntax – Laravel took best features from various frameworks and blended them into one. The syntax for Laravel is easy to remember and very expressive.
  • Blade Template Engine – It provides a clean syntax overview, and you have shortcuts to build HTML instructions. This template is flexible enough to build any layout. You can build very swift and smooth website designs with this feature of Laravel framework.
  • Query builder – Query builder is available since Laravel 3, provides a more direct database access.
  • Automatic pagination- simplifies the task of implementing pagination, replacing the usual manual implementation approaches with automated methods integrated into Laravel.
  • Security - Security vulnerabilities go hand-in-hand with the development of any web application .Laravel helps to secure the web application. It protects them against the most serious security risks like SQL injection, cross site request forgery and crosses site scripting.
  • Routing configuration - Laravel provides a very simple and expressive method of defining the routes.
  • Artisan - It’s a helper tool provided by Laravel. It provides you with a number of commands which can help you in building your web application.
  • Database Migration - In Laravel development, migration helps to expand the database structure of the application without having to recreate every time we make a change.It not only provides the facility to change the structure, but it also lets us to do so using the PHP code instead of SQL.
  • Big Community – Laravel have an awesome and active community. This community is largely dedicated to improve Laravel framework and help people who are associated with Laravel development.