AngularJS training in kochi


React (also known as React.js and React Js) is an open source JavaScript library used to build dynamic single page applications. React Js is one of the dominating front-end technology which is getting popular day-by-day. It has been developed by a group of engineers from Facebook. It is a component-based front-end library responsible for the view layer of the application.

Why ReactJS?

React is component-based and has well-defined lifecycle which makes it easy, stable and efficient. It is also better in performance due to the use of virtual dom than everytime rendering the whole application. Data binding is done by one-way approach and hence is easier to debug and control. The components created are ready to test.

ReactJS Features

  • Components - React helps to create reusable-components with specific logic and controls.
  • One-way Data Binding – React follows a unidirectional data flow and thus provides a better control throughout the application.
  • Virtual DOM – Virtual DOM is a representation of real DOM. Whenever changes happen in application, virtual DOM is rendered and it is compared with the previous DOM. The real DOM will update only the things that have changed.
  • JSX – JSX stands for JavaScript XML. It enables the HTML like code to co-exist with React Js code.

Training in STEPS

ReactJS is one of the most preferred front-end technology due to its debugging and design tools that lets you build rich user-interfaces easily. Also, ReactJS enables developers to observe reactive component hierarchies, discover child and parent components, and inspect their current state and props.

ReactJS Training at STEPS provides you the opportunity to learn the development from scratch and at the end of training; you will be a confident independent ReactJS Developer who is ready to take up Projects.