Perl Training training in kochi

Best Perl Training in Kochi

Perl is a dynamic programming language created by Larry Wall in late 80’s. It is well known for its simplicity and similarity to C. The major advantages of using Perl lies in Web development, system administration, networking tasks and software testing. Perl is a scripting language, which can be used as a strong platform for GUI applications.

Even though it is similar to C, its test processing and regular expression matching features are far more functional. Perl is particularly powerful for scanning large quantities of textual document files on pattern matching. Perl is also known as a relatively easy language to learn and use.

Knowledge of Perl would be very useful for Web Developers as well a System Administrators / Network Administrators. Perl is extensively used in web development now and it is a very popular language. Many companies, both large and small scale, use Perl to write CGI scripts that allow web applications to interact with the servers.

The real job of "activating the Internet" belongs to Perl, a language that is all but invisible to the world of professional technology analysts, but looms large in the mind of anyone - Webmaster, System Administrator or Programmer - whose daily work involves building custom web applications or gluing together programs for purposes their designers had not quite foreseen. Now the IT companies highly demand well-trained and experienced Perl Programmers.

STEPS, the training initiative of the first private sector IT park of Kerala, is now providing an advanced on-the-job training in PERL programming along with PHP and MySQL. The objective of this exclusive training program is to provide a real-time exposure to the candidates and develop them into complete professional programmers. The expertise of the professionals indulged in training and the State-of-the-Art technical infrastructure provided to the interns makes STEPS Perl training program more unique and innovative compared to the conventional classroom training methods or course.

With the training, one can get advanced and
in-depth knowledge in;

  • PERL programming concepts in SOCKET COMMUNICATION
  • SOAP
  • DATA MINING applications etc