Cyber Security Training

Ethical Hacking Training in Kochi

Hacking or Phishing attempts are growing day by day due to the vulnerabilities in sensitive data. Loopholes in developer sections and compromised security expose the sensitive data more prone to cyber threats. Cyber Security or information technology security means fortifying sensitive data stored in network or computer from malicious or unauthorized access change or destruction.

Why Cyber Security is important now

In the present scenario, the crawling of COVID-19 pandemic into our lives enabled us more to accelerate the usage of technology. India is second position in usage of internet after China, so the number of incidents in cyber crime in India is also very high in global level. The situation was much worse in 2020. Comparatively, it is reported that there is 30% of increase in cyber attack when compared to the previous year. Only 5-10% of cases are reported officially. Each cyber attack implies a breach in cyber security. Today, strong security measurements are required to protect our cyber world because:

  • Cyber attack affect all people
  • The rapid changes in technology will cause a boom in cyber attack
  • Damage to business and loss of employment
  • Individuals face cyber threat
  • Cyber concerns can result in increased regulations and legislation

How to get into Cyber Security?

Are you aspiring for a career in Cyber Security? Most of the people who wish to get into this field of Cyber Security are more enthusiastic and passionate to protect cyber world from cyber attacks. Does your personality match to this IT role? Cyber Security career path require an ongoing pursuit of knowledge and wide awake mind against cyber criminals. Before starting a carrier in Cyber Security, you have to evaluate by asking yourself if you are passionate enough to step into the cyber world!

Why Choose Cyber Security training from STEPS?

‘STEPS’ is an IT training division of Spectrum that has many years of experience in handling the most critical aspects of security. Within all these years, we have learned and understood in depth about the faults and cracks in cyber security. This is achieved not just by manual knowledge but through practical hands on deployment of cyber security.

Why do we claim to be the experts?

We have accomplished this through handling the most important and critical production areas of security. Our hand on expertise lies in Healthcare, e-commerce and financial sectors. In today’s scenario these are the main sectors which demands security as it equips a lot of personal information’s. And we have constantly proven our capabilities in handling it.

With all these acquired knowledge in real time business and years of handling experience, why wouldn’t we be the best solutions to learn cyber security? It is not just some paper theory that makes us efficient, but real time practical applications. Through us, you will be exposed to the various doors of work. We mold our students by timely real time exposure and knowledge to produce skilled professionals. So, join now to this amazing pack of cyber security course in Kochi through STEPS!

Our Cyber Security Training programs:

  1. Cyber Security Specialist
  2. Diploma in Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence


If you are an IT background student and familiar with networking knowledge, you can enroll directly in our Cyber Security course. If you are a non-IT student, you can begin with any starter courses related to networking before you go into our Cyber Security program.

The Cyber Security training in Kochi at STEPS is designed in a way that even a beginner can start learning and exit as a professional. Learn the key takeaway skills of Cyber Security and then get certified in PenTest+, CEH, CompTIA Security+ etc.