IPv6 training in kochi

Best IPv6 Training in Kochi

Over 20 million network engineers IT professionals and stakeholders are still pending to master the very potential of IPv6. IPv6 is currently being implemented at a rapid pace in Asia around the world with response to the exhaustion of IPv4 address space, which is most urgently felt reflected in the fast growing networks in China and India. Even if you do not feel the same urgency of IP address exhaustion, you may have to connect be mandated to connect to these IPv6 resources as they become more and more important it will become the essential standard in global commerce. There has been a Now the scenario now is that there is a huge shortage scarcity of network administrators IT professionals with the necessary IPv6 know-how.

This brings forth a huge career potential for the job aspirants in IT and IT-related industries. Once the migration initiatives have started, every organization will be on the look out for professionals with IPv6 knowledge. So, it is the right time for you to learn IPv6 in order to enhance your professional profile.

Keeping this in mind, Spectrum is now offering IPv6 Certified Training courses for students and network IT professionals. This IPv6 Certification Program is an introductory class in the IPv6 curriculum, no prerequisites or prior knowledge of (or experience with) IPv6 is assumed required. General knowledge A basic understanding of networking and IPv4 may be helpful, but is not strictly required is not mandatory.

Get trained & Get IPv6 Ready

  • Basic Qualification for IPv6 training: Any Graduates with basic knowledge of general networking concepts, Network/IT administrators, Technicians, Developers.

Spectrum Infrastructure

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  • 55000 sq. ft. IT Park Infrastructure.
  • 15 years of service expertise and market dominance.
  • First private ISP in Kerala and Local Internet Registar.
  • Highly experienced and skilled professionals.
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IPv6 certified training program- Highlights

  • Introduction to IPv6
  • Internet Address allocations and RIR’s; IRINN
  • Business Drivers for IPv6
  • IPv6 Address Architecture
  • Unicast Addresses
  • Anycast Addresses
  • Multicast Addresses
  • IPv6 Subneting mechanisms
  • Comparison between IPv4 and IPv6 headers
  • IPv6 Extension Headers (Next Headers)
  • ICMPv6 Operation
  • Neighbor discovery protocol(NDP)
  • Address autoconfiguration – Stateless and Stateful
  • Changes to DNS for IPv6
  • IPv6 AAAA resource records
  • IPv6 Translation and Tunnelling Mechanisms
  • IPv6 Workshop
  • Applications of IPv6