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The training of Flutter at STEPS is very good for freshers. The new environment I got at STEPS was different from that of a training institute. We got access to the real-time working process of Spectrum. I would refer everyone STEPS Kochi for the best Flutter training in Kochi.

Digital Marketing

Name : Akhil T L

I did my Digital marketing training at STEPS.Good and well experienced faculty members,I am very happy to recommend the STEPS training program to all who are looking for a career in Digital Marketing

Akhil T L

Name : Arun  Pushpan

I joined for Flutter training at STEPS, which is a totally different work environment compared to typical college or training institute set up. Good experience at STEPS inside Spectrum IT Company. Better part is the career guidance and support given by the senior people.

Arun  Pushpan

Name : Nandhu  Raj

I did my Flutter training at STEPS. Good and well experienced faculty members, I am very happy to recommend the STEPS training program to all who are looking for a career in Flutter Mobile App Development.

Nandhu  Raj

Name : Akshay Chandran P

Flutter has a lot of opportunities, and I was basically interested in programming. Thanks to STEPS training for the support given in learning and practicing Flutter, and supporting for finding a job in the core programming field. Being at STEPS was overall a good experience for me.

Akshay Chandran P
Java Full Stack


I have done my Java Full Stack training through the STEPS program. It was an inspirational mix of practical tips and guidance from expert professionals in Java. I am happy that I got this right opportunity. I would suggest the same for all enthusiastic learners.

Software Testing Automation

Name : Mohammed Safiya Rasak

I did my Software Testing training at STEPS.For those who are not so strong in programming logic, software testing is an ideal career to choose. I did training at STEPS, which offers industrial experience and confidence to a fresher, and would recommend it.

Mohammed Safiya Rasak
Python Full Stack

Name : Henisha Rojini R H

I did my Python Full-Stack training at STEPS.Unlike going into a training institute, STEPS is offering training in a live industrial mode, where we got a good exposure to projects and all.Thank you STEPS for all the support and concern

Henisha Rojini R H
Java Full Stack

Name : Salman V S

I have done my Java Full Stack training through STEPS . The training is excellent for a fresher to understand the technical aspects in-depth by gaining real experiences. The ambiance and professional environment helped us get rid of the college fresher outlook and gain a professional aptitude.

Salman V S -Junior java developer,Axidhi Consulting Private Limited
Java Full Stack

Name : Harshan  Hari

I completed my Java Full Stack training course from STEPS Kochi. The trainer guided me a lot with complete dedication in teaching me effectively. Classes are conducted in a flexible manner. They also provide a good and friendly atmosphere. Moreover, individual attention is given to students. I thank STEPS Kochi for helping me choose a successful career in Java Full Stack. Without hesitation, I would recommend STEPS Kochi to all candidates looking to secure their future.

Harshan  Hari -Java Developer, Telious Technologies Pvt Ltd. Kochi