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Name : Sudev  Sanker

Mobile apps were my passion, so I chose to learn Android Development after doing my BSc Computer Science. I was searching for a good place to learn the technology and came to know that at STEPS, I can get a real company experience. I joined there and had a very good support during the training to learn the theory, technology, and did many projects for practical experience. With the technical skills and practice knowledge, I easily cleared a job interview and got into my first job as an Android developer. This is a really exciting experience to me.

Sudev  Sanker -Android Developer, OOPS

Name : Athira  K A

SEO was a thing to me which I came to know from the person I met at STEPS after they called me to visit there. I know that there are a lot of electronic engineers doubtful about IT by thinking programming is the only job there and they cannot do programming. But, there are really a lot of other options too in IT, and SEO is one of them. This is a crucial thing in digital marketing, which is considered to be the future of marketing. Learning at STEPS is a really new experience for the college pass-outs to get an industry experience. Now I have started my career as an SEO analyst at Fingent Global Solutions at Infopark. Kochi is one of the most happening places in IT, so be here.

Athira  K A -SEO Analyst, Fingent Global Solution Pvt Ltd, Infopark, EKM

Name : Reshma  C.Balan

There are a lot of things to learn at STEPS training program of Spectrum IT Park. I am from Kayamkulam and coming to Kochi was a new experience. It is a land of opportunity I think for those who are from the underdeveloped areas of Kerala to come to rather than aiming at going to Bangalore or other places. Now I am working as an apprentice at CIAL.

Reshma  C.Balan -Apparentice Trainee, CIAL, Nedumbassery

Name : Sujitha  Suku

I am Sujitha Suku and I did a PHP course at STEPS. Now I got an apprentice training option at Cochin International Airport Ltd. The training and environment at STEPS really helped to develop myself as a professional after my diploma course. The seniors there are really supportive to motivate and training to meet the challenges. It is very good for the fresher to get such an experience to know the difference between the college environment and the actual industry.

Sujitha  Suku -Apparentice Trainee, CIAL Nedumbassery

Name : Minnu  P.K

STEPS is good for everyoneís career. Good faculty, good coordinators, and good support. I was a bit afraid when getting into a big company environment first, but all are very supportive. I suggest STEPS program to friends.

Minnu  P.K -Digital Marketing, Nest Soft

Name : Amritha  V.R

I got a job at Nest Soft after doing a course at STEPS. The major benefit of learning at STEPS is that on getting out of college, I got a real industry exposure there. A lot of working people around and the real environment of an IT park helped me to plan my career. There are plenty of supporters and I really got motivated. After diploma, I was a bit doubtful about getting a job with that qualification, but now I am happy.

Amritha  V.R -Digital Marketing, Nest Soft

Name : Sethu lekshmi G

I did my PHP course at STEPS and I am happy to recommend it to all as STEPS can give a first-hand experience in a real company environment, which no other training institutes can give.

Sethu lekshmi G -Buildon Ideas, Kaloor

Name : Rosy  Babu

A real working environment and support of experienced working professionals are the advantages of STEPS where I did my PHP course. This helped me to develop my technical skills as well as exposure to live projects moulded me as a core programmer. In my point of view, there is no worthiness in doing a training in a namesake training institute just to get a certificate. Most importantly, I got an offer immediate after completing the course and now working at Phases India located at Kakkanad, Kochi as a UI developer.

Rosy  Babu -UI Developer, Phases India, Kakkanad


PHP is more fun for me now while working as a Web Developer at Azym Technologies. There are not much idea about it when I completed BE CS, but then met the counsellor at STEPS who gave me an ideal about what and how to do it. The course I have undergone is also so good, helping to understanding the technology like PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS everything with live projects. Getting is job is an added advantage.

ASWATHY  G -Web Developer, Azym Technologies, Alappuzha

Name : Aleena  Paulose

I chose BA Animation with my interest in designing field, but there I learned a lot of things, but not in depth. Then I did an extra designing course at STEPS which helped me to learn the development and esigning tools and technique in depth to work as a designer cum developer. Now, I am so excited to work as a UI designer at a good firm named Focaloid Technologies. I am happy to get into a promising career.

Aleena  Paulose -UI Designer, Focaloid Technologies

Name : Tibin T. Tomy

Completing my BTech Computer Science Engineering, I joined in STEPS training at Spectrum. It is a good training with experience in projects and advanced technologies. Apart from how it is done at the college, I learned to do things in practical and learned how to work in a real company environment. Then I got a job at Ambilobe Technologies and now working here. I can confidently refer STEPS to the freshers.

Tibin T. Tomy -PHP Developer, Ambilobe Technologies
Dot Net

Name : Saiganesh  P S

Dot Net programming is not so difficult to master, and the help of the experienced guides and team leads at STEPS training helped me a lot. After doing my MCA, I directly joined STEPS as suggested by my friends and got a job immediately after that as a developer at Mobiz Innovations and Research Pvt. Ltd. I am enjoying my job now.

Saiganesh  P S -Dot Net Developer, Mobiz Innovations and Research Pvt. Ltd, Kochi
Dot Net

Name : Praseeda  T P

I have seen that learning at a typical training institution is nothing more than just learning an additional paper at college. There is no experienced trainers or adequate infrastructure at the mere shopping complex type of training institutes. At STEPS, I got an opportunity to experience the real working environment of an IT Park, which helped to gain some real insight about how work is happening in an IT company. I did Dot Net training at STEPS and got a job at Mobiz Innovations and Research after training. I am happy.

Praseeda  T P -Dot Net Developer, Mobiz Innovations and Research Pvt. Ltd, Kochi
Web Designing

Name : Krishnaprasad P R

I am a web designer at Arena Animation. I did BCom, but had a passion towards designing from my childhood onwards. I was doubtful that whether the technology is going to be difficult for me, but now I realise that web designing is more of techniques that technology. STEPS helped to learn it well with the assistance of experts and the valuable projects I did there.

Krishnaprasad P R -Web Designer, Arena Animation
Web Designing

Name : Akhil  Gopi

BTech Computer Science can give you an overview of information technology, but I understood that to get into the industry as an IT professional, we need to get some specialisation in an area which we like the most and have a flair in. With this knowledge gained at STEPS, I have chosen Web Designing. I got an excellent training at STEPS inside Spectrum IT Park and now working with Naico Kochi as a designer.

Akhil  Gopi -Web Designer, Naico Information Technology Services, Infopark, Kochi
Web Designing

Name : Aleena  Jude

I am working as a web designer now at Spawoz Technologies in Infopark, and this is a dream come true for me after completing my BCA course. I wanted to work, but it was not easy to get a job for a fresher, and also I didnít know about what sort of IT jobs I can do. Joining STEPS after meeting the counsellor really helped to identify web designing as my ideal career and learn it well. Now, I want to set my career.

Aleena  Jude -Web Designer, Spawoz Technologies, Infopark, Kochi

Name : Tonny  Binoy

I am a CS graduate from Amal Jyothi college of Engineering. I was passionate about IT technical administration, so did networking course. I searched many institutions for networking training, but almost all were simply training centres with no real infrastructure, and I wanted to do it a company set up. Finally, my friend suggested STEPS Kochi Training. I understood this is the right platform for me to do go ahead. STEPS Kochi on the job training given to me good knowledge about networking concepts and real-time routing and switching. I thank my trainers who are skilled and experienced in networking to give me a real insightful knowledge about the technology. After training, now I am working with Spectrum IT Park Kochi. This is a very good platform for freshers to learn and grow.

Tonny  Binoy -Network Associate, Spectrum Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Kochi
Software Testing


I am Libi, B.Tech EC completed student. When I came out of the routine college life, I started to think about a job, but was not very sure which are I can get into. Finally I got to know about STEPS Kochi training division. Why I have chosen STEPS Kochi is by knowing that it is a part of Spectrum IT Park. STEPS Kochi has given to me a golden opportunity to be a part of a functional company and I got placed here with a successful job. I believe software testing is a winning career for those who are not so much interested in programming, but want to build a successful career in IT.

LIBI MARY PAUL -Software Tester cum Trainer, Spectrum Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Kochi
Software Testing

Name : Rilsy  D'cotho

I did BTech EC and havenít had much idea about IT jobs in general. Then I got an understanding of Software Testing may be a good career for me to step into IT industry. I knew that it will not be good for me join into any mere shopping complex training institute to learn advanced technology, thatís why chosen STEPS training at Spectrum IT Park. I got a job also there itself through placement after training.

Rilsy  D'cotho -Software Tester, Spectrum Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Kochi
Windows OJT

Name : Sreejith  Sreekumaran

My course was BCom, but I was interested in technical administration. I did Windows OJT through STEPS and Spectrum IT park. It is a good experience to get real time training. The trainers and technical people helped me a lot to improve. I am happy now.

Sreejith  Sreekumaran -System Admin, Gautham Hospital,Fort Kochi

Name : Silpa  Sunny

STEPS helped me to set up a career. I am an MCA 2016 passed out student and happy to get a job soon by undergoing ASP.Net training at STEPS. From the training program itself I got the knowledge of a real work environment.

Silpa  Sunny -Web Developer, Evizon Technologies, Palarivattom
Software Testing

Name : Anil  Das

I tried for a job after completing MCA in 2015, but everyone wanted experience. Then I took a specialisation in software testing from STEPS and the project done here really helped me to learn manual and automated testing concepts. Now, I am working as a tester in Dodestino at Kochi.. I think Software Testing is a good career to choose for those who are not interested in programming.

Anil  Das -Software Tester, Dodestino, Vazhakala, Kochi
Software Testing

Name : Maria  Susan P M

I am a 2016 pass out Engineer from COE Cherthala and joined for STEPS training immediately after my course completion and got my first join as a Software Tester in 1 months time. I am happy to share this good experience.

Maria  Susan P M -Software Tester, Cordiant Technologies, Kadavanthara

Name : Racheal  Mathews

I did BTech Electronics from Saintgits and then did Java training at Steps KochiÖ On being here, I got an opportunity to learn a real industrial working environment and learn the professional aspects of IT job. Now, I am working at Infosys as a software engineer. Thanks STEPS.

Racheal  Mathews -Software Engineer, Infosys

Name : Kiran K  Vincent

I am Kiran, currently software engineer at Feathersoft. It was my dream to become a developer and STEPS helped me to achieve it. Thank to all the faculty, coordinators, and counsellor for supporting me.

Kiran K  Vincent -Software Engineer, Feathersoft

Name : Charulatha  S

I am Charu, completed MTech Electronics from Mar Baselious College. Java was my passion and wanted to develop a career in that, but was not having much knowledge in it. the experienced guides at STEPS training helped me to learn Java from the basics and the live projects done there boosted up my confidence. Now I am with SBL as a Software Engineer. I would recommend STEPS training to all.

Charulatha  S -Software Engineer, SBL

Name : Junaida  K P

There are many people searching for jobs in development, but the problems basically is that the college course is not just enough to work in a specific programming job. I tried some openings as BTech fresher, but it is difficult to get a job. I heard about Spectrum IT Park and training there from a friend and joined the on-job training. On performing well, the company absorbed me as a Java employee. Feeling good about my decision

Junaida  K P -Java Developer, Spectrum IT Park
Web Designing

Name : Remo  Jose

I did training at STEPS division of Spectrum IT Park and got a job immediately after training at Spectrum itself. Thanks.

Remo  Jose -Web Designer, Spectrum IT Park

Name : Michael  Francis

I was at STEPS on job training of ASP.NET from Jan 2016 to April 2016. It is a wonderful experience. After college, that was a real industry exposure I got and the professional atmosphere there is really good. I am working at Blue Apps Technolabs now.

Michael  Francis -Business Developer, Blue Apps Technolabs

Name : Jasil  Roshan

STEPS training helped me to reach to Infosys as an ASP.NET programmer. I am happy to work here and want to flourish my career as a .NET developer. Will surely recommend STEPS IT training to freshers.

Jasil  Roshan -Developer, Infosys

Name : Sinju Anna  Sajan

I am from Thiruvalla and working as an ASP.Net developer now. Immediately after completing my BTech, I tried some jobs, but all wanted experienced programmers. I got good knowledge and experience from STEPS training of Spectrum after I joined there. The faculty are also very supportive. Now, I am happy to secure a job in my area of interest.

Sinju Anna  Sajan -ASP.NET Developer, Mobics Innovation

Name : Merlin  N T

After doing BTech CS, I was searching for a job and found there are no opportunities for fresher. So, to start my career in programming, I took specialization training at STEPS in ASP.NET and got a job after it at Prime Move Technology, Kakkanad. It is important to get trained specifically in some IT specialty to get a job.

Merlin  N T -ASP.NET Developer, Prime Move Technology, Kakkanad

Name : Sanjay  P R

Hi, I am Sanjay from Kodungallur. Working as a Java Developer now, Iív learned the basics of Java J2EE development and advanced frameworks like Spring and Hiberneate etc. through STEPS programs at Spectrum IT Park. Thanks to you.

Sanjay  P R -Software Engineer-Java, Zesty Beanz Technologies, Kochi

Name : Aneesh  A

Search Engine Optimization is a very challenging field and I am enjoy it very much. Working at Black and White Creation, Palarivattom, Kochi, I want to be a successful SEO professional. The training of searching engine optimization at STEPS is very good for freshers.

Aneesh  A -Online Promotor, Black and White Creation, Palarivattom
Web Designing

Name : Arunlal.V  

I am a web designer working at Pixelmargin Software Pvt Ltd at Technopark. I did my web designing course from STEPS, which helped in winning a successful career in this field. Thanks to the faculty and staff there.

Arunlal.V   -Web Designer, Pixel Margin, Technopark, TVM
Web Designing

Name : Rahul Radhakrishnan. P

Hi, I am Rahul. I donít know how to write a testimonial. I am working as a UI US Designer and Front-End Web Developer at EIV Arch Technopark. I am thankful to STEPS for the advanced training and guidance given to me in Web Designing.

Rahul Radhakrishnan. P -UI Designer and Front-End Web Developer
Software Testing

Name : Sruthi  V

I did MCA from Nehru College and then joined STEPS training program at Kochi. I am choosing software testing as my job and got the knowledge and skills for it through the training process. I recommend the STEPS training.

Sruthi  V -Testing Trainer
Software Testing

Name : Sanjana  Anand

I did electronics and communication engineering and was wondering how to get into an IT job. I had no ideal bout coding. Then heard about the option of Software Testing. I went to Kochi to do the testing course at Spectrum IT Park STEPS, which is a good training institute. There is a real company infrastructure with good exposure and experienced software testers to train us. Now I started working and want to excel in this career.

Sanjana  Anand -Asst. Engineer, Strematix, Kozhikode
Web Designing

Name : Daniel  Devassy

I was very much interested in becoming a web designer. Did B Com, and was not sure whether I can get into this field. But, I met the madam at STEPS who guided me about what all things are there in web designing course and how can I do it properly. I joined the course and learned advanced web designing techniques as HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Bootstrap, various design strategies, UI design for Andoroid and iPhone and more. I am enjoying my job now.

Daniel  Devassy -Web Designer, Micromedia, Edapilly

Name : Reshma  Sebastian

Coding is my passion and I am now working as a Web Developer in PHP at Orange Hosting, Kochi. I did my MBA before coming into the STEPS training program at Spectrum and then got a job based on the PHP, MySQL training I received. It is a good industry environment and the trainers are also very supportive. More importantly, we got an opportunity to do real-time projects also here. It was like getting a real work experience, which may not be available in a training institute.

Reshma  Sebastian -Software Developer, Orange hosting, Kadavantra
Software Testing

Name : Anu  Narayanan

I got a job after BSc Computer Science through campus placement outside Kerala, but was not able to continue with that for long due to personal reasons. Then I came back and did the STEPS Software Testing training program and got a job at Spectrum IT Park itself on completion of the Course. I am happy on choosing software testing as my career and enjoy my work at Spectrum.

Anu  Narayanan -Sofware Tester cum Trainer, Spectrum Softech Solutions
Software Testing

Name : Abhilash  K

I took my computer science engineering graduation from Sahrudaya College, Trissur. Was not sure which IT field to choose after the course, but was not so interested in becoming a programmer. So, I chose testing as per the advice of the counsellor I met at STEPS. I got trained at Spectrum IT park, which was a very good experience. I got a job also after training, and I am happy.

Abhilash  K -Trainer - Metalimit, Kaloor
Software Testing

Name : Arathy S Nair

I am Arathy, working as a Tester at Taurus Technologies at Kochi. I did my testing training at STEPS. It is a good experience to feel like being in an IT company while getting training. Good facilities and I have got real work experience also through projects and an experience letter. It is a good start to my career. STEPS is industrial training centre.

Arathy S Nair -Software Tester - Taurus, Ernakulam

Name : Amal  Lal C M

Hi, I am now working at Kenprimo, Ernakulam. I did a Java training at STEPS, which gave me a clear-cut idea about various aspect of programming and some live project exposure also. I was an electronic engineer and knew only very little about programming. But, this training covered the topic from scratch and the trainers were also highly experienced. Moreover, the IT park ambience is not like a training institute. All of these gave me a good exposure at STEPS

Amal  Lal C M -Business Development Manager, Kenprimo, Ernakulam North

Name : Jithin  Xavier

Completed my BTech Computer Science Engineering from Mar Baselios Institute of Technology and Science, Nellimattom. I was so passionate about programming, but didnít get any campus placement. I went to Spectrum for STEPS training and it was a nice training. Now I am working at Nibodha Technology and want to set my career in Java Development. Thank you.

Jithin  Xavier -Software Engineer and Trainer at Nibodha Technology, Kalamassery
Software Testing

Name : Lijeesh   S. G.

Hi all, I am Lijeesh from Trivandrum. I did my MSc in Software Engineering from Malakara Catholic College. I tried for jobs after course and I wanted to get an IT job, but it is difficult for freshers to get into a company. Then I thought of doing a specialized IT training. I inquired at many training institutes, but I was not comfortable doing again another course to get just a certified. My friends referred STEPS, which is a company training type of program. I inquired about it and then came to Kochi and stayed there to undergo this training. I applied with the STEPS experience for jobs after completing the training and got job as Software Tester at System5S Private Limited, Chennai. I am happy...

Lijeesh   S. G. -Software Tester, System5S Private Limited,Chennai,
Software Testing

Name : Ajay  J  Ulahannan

I am hailing from Kottayam and now works as a Junior Software Test Engineer at Seven Seas Hi-Tech Systems. I got this job through STEPS training. My goal is to set up a winning career in software testing, which is a very promising field in IT. The trainers at STEPS really helped me to learn the most advanced manual and automation testing concepts and to polish my skills with good projects and live assignments. This training is different from that of the training institutes. I am happy to refer STEPS training to you friends.

Ajay  J  Ulahannan -Junior Software Test Engineer, Seven Seas Hi-Tech Systems (P) Ltd., Kadavanthra
Software Testing

Name : Safeer T P

I am from Malappuram and came to Kochi to join for STEPS program as may of my friends did it before. I was not so interested in programming so chosen Software Testing training and after completing the training, now I joined Polosys Technologies and it was the training in testing helped me to get a job so soon. Thanking you STEPS.

Safeer T P -Software Tester, Polosys Technologies, Manjeri
Software Testing

Name : Rihas K H

I am Rihas, a BTech Computer Science Engineering graduate from SNMIMT, Maliankara.. After completing my BTech, I did STEPS training at Spectrum IT Park. Software Testing is so easy to understand and it has the same value as of an IT developer in the industry. I love this job. Now I am working as a Quality Assurance professionals in CCS Technologies. STEPS training is good to get a job.

Rihas K H -Quality Assurance, CCS Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, Kakkanad
Software Testing

Name : Shuhaib P T

After completing my B.E. in Electronics and Communication, I was looking for an IT job, but not programming. I had an idea about testing, but was not sure whether that can be chosen as my career. On meeting the STEPS advisor, she told me about the different aspects of software testing and the job opportunities. Then I felt confident and joined for the STEPS Software Testing training. That was a real turning point and through that experience I became a software tester from a fresher. After completion of the training, I got placed as a Software Tester and now working at Datum Innovations. I recommend STEPS training to all freshers who want to get in to IT career.

Shuhaib P T -Software Tester, Datum Innovations, Cherthala